Alexander Wilson's American Ornithology

The following images are digital scans from the 1829, Collins & Co. Philadelphia Edition of Alexander Wilson's American Ornithology (courtesy of The original images are in Folio size and among the best of editions of Wilson's work. A single image from this edition of Wilson's work today sells for $100-1500, if they can be found at all. If you like what you see, you can actually buy ALL 76 images in digital form, for a mere $9.99. Follow the links at the end of this page to make a purchase. Click on any thumbnail to enlarge an image.



Ivory Billed Woodpecker


Herons 1


Herons 2

Roseate Spoonbill

Whooping Crane


Great Blue Heron

Flamingo & Ibis'

Ducks & Goose

Alexander Wilsons American Ornithology (1829)



To purchase all original 76 Wilson images from the Philadelphia edition of American Ornithology, in digital form, for only $9.99, click on the link to the left or on the text link, below this message. Once you make a purchase, the images are available for instant download from

Alexander Wilson's American Ornithology (1829)