A Monograph of the Trogonidae,
Family of Trogons

John Gould
(drawn by John & Elizabeth Gould)
London 1836 - 1838
1 Volume (3 parts) - 36 lithographic plates

Number Scientific Name Common Name
1 Trogon mexicanus Mexican Trogon (Adult male)
2 Trogon mexicanus,Swains. Mexican Trogon (Young male/ female)
3 Trogon elegans Graceful Trogon
4 Trogon ambiguus Doubtful Trogon
5 Trogon collaris,Vieill. Collared Trogon
6 Trogon variegatus,Spix. Purple-breasted Trogon
7 Trogon caligatus,Gould. Booted Trogon
8 Trogon atricollis,Vieill. Black-throated Trogon
9 Trogon meridionalis,Swains. Little Trogon
10 Trogon melanopterus,Swains. Black-winged Trogon
11 Trogon melanopterus,Swains. Black-winged Trogon (Young male)
12 Trogon melanocephala Black-headed Trogon
13 Trogon citreolus,Gould. Lemon breasted Trogon
14 Trogon aurantius,Spix. Orange-breasted Trogon
15 Trogon surucura,Vieill. Surucura Trogon
16 Trogon massena,Gould. Prince Massena's Trogon
17 Trogon macroura,Gould. Large-tailed Trogon
18 Trogon melanurus,Swains. Black-tailed Trogon
19 Trogon temnurus,Temm. Cuba Trogon
20 Trogon roseigaster,Vieill. Rosy-vented Trogon
21 Trogon resplendens Resplendent Trogon
22 Trogon pulchellus,Gould. Beautiful Trogon
23 Trogon pavoninus,Spix. Pavonine Trogon
24 Trogon fulgidus,Gould. Shining Trogon
25 Trogon neoxenus,Gould. Welcome Trogon (Young male)
26 Trogon narina,Levaill. Narina Trogon
27 Trogon reinwardtii,Temm. Reinwardt's Trogon
28 Trogon gigas,Vieill. Giant Trogon
29 Trogon temmincTrogoni Temminck's Trogon
30 Trogon diardii Diard's Trogon
31 Trogon malabaricus Malabar Trogon
32 Trogon duvaucelii,Temm. Duvaucel's Trogon
33 Trogon erythrocephalus Red-headed Trogon
34 Trogon hodgsonii,Gould. Hodgson's Trogon
35 Trogon ardens,Temm. Rosy-breasted Trogon
36 Trogon oreskios,Temm. Mountain Trogon

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