A Monograph of the Ramphastidae,
Family of Toucans

John Gould & Richard Owen
(drawn by J. & E. Gould & Edward Lear)
London 1833 - 1835
1 Volume (3 parts), 33 lithographic plates (+1)

(Later 1852-4 Edition with 52 Lithographs, not shown)
Number Scientific Name Common Name
1 Ramphastos culminatus Culminated Toucan
2 Ramphastos cuvieri,Wagler. Cuvier's Toucan
3 Ramphastos erythrorhynchus Red-billed Toucan
4 Ramphastos citreopygus Lemon-rumped Toucan
5 Ramphastos osculans Osculant Toucan
6 Ramphastos toco,Auct. Toco Toucan
7 Ramphastos carinatus, Swainson. Sharp-billed Toucan
8 Ramphastos swainsonii Swainson's Toucan
9 Ramphastos vitellinus, Illiger. Sulphur-and-white-breasted Toucan
10 Ramphastos ariel,Vigors. Ariel Toucan
11 Ramphastos dicolorus,Linne Red-breasted Toucan
12 Pteroglossus aracari,Auct. Cayenne Araçari
13 Pteroglossus castanotis Chestnut-eared Araçari
14 Pteroglossus regalis, Lichtenstein. Royal Araçari
15 Pteroglossus pluricinctus Many-banded Araçari
16 Pteroglossus bitorquatus, Vigors. Double-collared Araçari
17 Pteroglossus Azaræ,Wagler. Banded Araçari
18 Pteroglossus ulocomus Curl-crested Araçari
19 Pteroglossus hypoglaucus Grey-breasted Araçari
20 Pteroglossus bailloni, Wagler. Saffron-coloured Araçari
21 Pteroglossus viridis, Swainson. Green Araçari
22 Pteroglossus humboldtii, Wagler. Humboldt's Araçari
23 Pteroglossus inscriptus, Swainson. Lettered Araçari
24 Pteroglossus maculirostris, Lichtenstein. Spotted bill Araçari
25 Pteroglossus nattererii Natterer's Araçari
26 Pteroglossus reinwardtii, Wagler. Reinwardt's Araçari
27 Pteroglossus culik,Wagler. Koulik Araçari
28 Pteroglossus langsdorffii, Wagler. Langsdorff's Araçari
29 Pteroglossus prasinus, Lichtenstein. Golden-green Araçari
30 Pteroglossus pavoninus Peacock Groove-bill Araçari
31 Pteroglossus sulcatus, Swainson. Grooved-bill Araçari
32 Pteroglossus derbianus The Earl of Derby's Araçari
33 Pteroglossus hæmatopygus Blood-rumped Groove-bill Araçari
34 n/a Observations on the Anatomy of the Toucan

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