A Monograph of the Odontophorinae,
Partridges of America

John Gould
(drawn by John Gould & H. C. Richter)
London 1844-1850
1 Volume (3 parts) - 32 lithographic plates

Number Scientific Name Common Name
1 Ortyx virginianus Northern Bobwhite
2 Ortyx cubanensis,Gould. Cuban Bobwhite
3 Ortyx castaneus,Gould. Chestnut-coloured Partridge
4 Ortyx nigrogularis,Gould. Black-throated Partridge
5 Ortyx pectoralis,Gould. Black-breasted Partridge
6 Ortyx coyolcos Coyolcos Partridge
7 Cyrtonyx massena Massena's Partridge
8 Cyrtonyx ocellatus,Gould. Ocellated Partridge
9 Eupsychortyx cristatus Crested Partridge
10 Eupsychortyx leucotis White-eared Partridge
11 Eupsychortyx sonninii Sonnini's Partridge
12 Eupsychortyx parvicristatus, Gould. Short-crested Partridge
13 Eupsychortyx leucopogon White-faced Partridge
14 Philortyx fasciatus,Gould. Fasciated Partridge
15 Callipepla picta Plumed Partridge
16 Callipepla californica Californian Partridge
17 Callipepla gambelii Gambel's Quail
18 Callipepla elegans Elegant Partridge
19 Callipepla squamata Scaly Partridge
20 Dendrortyx macrourus Large-tailed Partridge
21 Dendrortyx leucophrys,Gould. White-eyebrowed Partridge
22 Dendrortyx Barbatus Bearded Partridge
23 Odontophorus guianensis Guiana Partridge
24 Odontophorus pachyrhynchus, Tschudi. Thick-billed Partridge
25 Odontophorus speciosus, Tschudi. Rufous-breasted Partridge
26 Odontophorus dentatus Capueira Partridge
27 Odontophorus stellatus, Gould. Starred Partridge
28 Odontophorus guttatus,Gould. Guttated Partridge
29 Odontophorus balliviani, Gould. Ballivian's Partridge
30 Odontophorus columbianus, Gould. Caraccas Partridge
31 Odontophorus strophium, Gould. Gorgeted Partridge
32 Odontophorus lineolatus Striped-breasted Partridge

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