Henrik Gronvold

Henrik Gronvold, (1858-194) was a Danish naturalist and artist. From an
early age, he developed an interest in natural history and spent his time
drawing the birds and animals around him. In his early years he studied
drawing in Copenhagen, Denmark.

In 1892, Gronvold left for America by way of England. It was in London
that he landed a job preparing bird skeletons for the Natural History
Museum. There he developed skill as a taxidermist and established his
reputation as an artist. In 1895, Gronvold joined an expedition to the
Savage islands, returning later to continue as an artist at the Musem.

By the end of the century, Gronvold’s work was well represented in the
scientific literature. Gronvold also completed numerous plates for Lord
Rothschild. He also produced plates of bird eggs, which were quite
unusual and rarely found in early bird books. A partial listing of
Gronvold’s contributions to ornithology includes illustrations for:

Captain George Shelley’s Birds of Africa, completing 57 plates
of many species that had not been illustrated before.

Other publications that featured Gronvold’s work include:

W. L. Buller’s The Birds of New Zealand

Brabourne & Chubb'’s Birds of South America

McConnell’s Birds of British Guiana

H. K. Swann’s A Monograph of the Birds of Prey (1930-45).

Gregory Macalister Mathews The Birds of Australia (1910-27)

G. M. Mathews’ The Birds of Norfolk and Lord Howe Islands (1928)
and A Supplement to The Birds of Norfolk and Lord Howe Islands (1936)

Illustrations to The Birds of South America

Limited Edition, 1915-16

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From the great unfinished work "The Birds of South America" by Lord Brabourne and Charles Chubb, originally published by John Wheldon & Co. London, 1913. Following the publication of the first volume of "The Birds of South America", World War I and the death of Lord Brabourne intervened to disrupt the publication of Volume 2.  However, 38 hand-colored plates by Henrik Groenvold were completed and distributed in a limited edition of 200 entitled "Illustrations to The Birds of South America" (1915-16).    Each hand colored print is on a sheet 10-1/8" x  12-5/8" (255 x 320 mm).   
Pl. #
Plate Description
1 American Rhea, Rothschild's Rhea, Darwin's Rhea
2 Solitary Tinamou



3 Great Tinamou



4 Dwarf Tinamou



5 Pentland's Tinamou



6 Dark Guan



7 Crested Guan



8 Red-breasted Guan



9 Red-tailed Guan



10 Spix's White-headed Guan



11 Wattled Guan



12 Goudot's Guan



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