George Edwards (1694-1773)

A Natural History of Uncommon Birds, and of Some Other Rare and Undescribed Animals, Quadrupeds, Reptiles, Fishes, Insects, Etc., Exhibited in Two Hundred and Ten Copper-Plates, from Designs Copied Immediately from Nature, and Curiously Colored After Life. With a Full and Accurate Description of Each Figure. To Which is Added, A Brief and General Idea of Drawing, and Painting in Water-Colours; with Instructions for Etching on Copper with Aqua Fortis: Likewise Some Thoughts on the Passage of Birds; and Additions to Many of the Subjects Described in this Work.
London, 1743-1751, 4 Vols.


Gleanings of Natural History, Exhibiting Figures of Quadrupeds, Birds, Insects, Plants, Etc., Most of Which Have Not, till Now, Been Either Figured or Described, etc.
London, 1758-1764, 3 Vols.

All prints on hand-laid paper, approximately 9-1/16" x 11-7/8". Plate marks at 7-5/16" x 9-1/4"

photographs re-printed by permission of Caliban Books

Volume 1, Natural History of Uncommon Birds

Plates 1 - 52

Volume 2, Natural History of Uncommon Birds

Plates 53 - 104

Volume 3, Natural History of Uncommon Birds

Plates 105 - 157

Volume 4, Natural History of Uncommon Birds

Plates 158 -210

Volume 1(5), Gleanings of Natural History

Plates 211 - 260

The Hand of a Boy with Distempered Skin (1756), plate 212

This Animal is call'd Al Jerbua or Jerbua and is figur'd & describ'd in Del Tesoro...plate 219

An Animal from the Spanish Main in America, Drawn near of the natural size, (1755), plate 220  

Drawn from a young Elephant, in London. The teeth are added to compleat the figure...The female Rhinoceros, drawn from the life in London, AD 1752, plate 221


Zebra mas, sive Asinus sylvestris Africanus, Drawn from a stuff'd Skin in the Royal College of Physicians, London (1751), plate 222



Zebra femina, sive Asina sylvestris Africana, drawn from the living animal belong to his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales (1751), plate 223  

The Crowned Eagle from the Coast of Guinea, Geo. Edwards, Delin & Sculp, AD 1754, plate no. 224


The black and white Butcher-bird from Surinam and a Small Butterfly from China -- etchedfrom Nature of their Natural Size, G. Edwards, Delin & Sculp AD 1757, plate no. 226

The Horned Owl from Athens supposed to be the Bird Sacred to the Goddes(s) Minerva...G. Edwards Delin et Sculpt, AD 1756...Plate No. 227

Noctua Minima, The Little Owl, Geo. Edwards Delin AD 1755, plate no. 228

(Untitled): Parrot...Geo Edwards Delin et Sculpt AD 1755...Plate No. 229

[Untitled: Parrot], George Edwards, Delin & Sculpt, AD 1755, plate 230


[Untitled: Parrot], George Edwards, Delin & Sculpt, AD 1755, plate 231

  A Paroquet from the East Indies...1755 Geo. Edwards Delin, plate 232

The little Grouse from Aleppo where it is called Kata, G. Edward Delin & Sculp 1756, plate no. 249  

The Bengallian Bustard (1755), plate 250

A Small bird from Jamaica and a butterfly from China (1755), plate 253  

The Golden-Crowned Wren and the Ruby-Crowned Wren (1757), plate 254  

The Scythian Lamb, the Yellow-rumped Flycatcher...The Gentian of the Desert (1757), plate 255  

The Yellow Red-Pole and the White Tailed Hummingbird (1757), plate 256  

Volume 2 (6), Gleanings of Natural History

Plates 261 - 310

Birds from Surinam, Drawn of their natural size after nature by George Edwards, AD 1754, plate 264

Small Birds from the East Indies...1755, Geo. E. Edwards, plate 265

  [Untitled: Small Birds, possibly East Indies, and Field Mouse], 1755 George Edwards...plate 266

Mountain Sparrows, Drawn from nature of the size of Life, G. Edwards, AD 1757...plate 269

  Fig. 1 from Brasil, Fig. 2 is from Angola; Small Birds Drawn from the Living Birds of their natural size, the Property of Mrs. Clayton of Flower in Surry...Geo. Edwards... AD 1752...plate 270

The American Goldfinch, Cock and hen, see Catesby's hist. of Carolina, vol. I, Pa. 343, Geo Edwards ad Viu Delin et Sculp AD 1756...plate 274  

The Little Bittern, G. Edwards Delin & Sculpt AD 1756...plate 275


Birds from Jamaica Etched immediately from Nature of the size of Life, Published AD 1755, Geo Edwards Delin et Sculp, plate no. 278  


The Long Tailed Duck from New Found Land------The Black-brested [sic] Spur-winged Plover, G. Edwards Del et Sculpt AD 1755, plate 280


The Greater Cockroach & The Whistle Insect...plate 285  

The Balanus of the Whale, with Polypes...plate 286

The small mud tortoise, smelling strong of musk, having a sharp horn, pointed tayl, from Pensilvania (1757), plate 287

The Prickled Dog or Hound-Fish, with an Insect Call'd the Walking-Stick, plate 288  

The Greater Cat-Fish, plate 289  



The Marsh Hawk, and the Reed-Bird, all from Pensilvania, Etched by George Edwards November 1, 1753, plate 291

The Ring Parrakeet [sic] and the Blue headed Parrakeet, boath from the East India's. Drawn from Life by Geo Edwards, AD 1758, plate 292

The Little Thrush from North America Drawn from Life of  the natural size, vid Catesby vol. I, P. 31, ... 1757...plate 296

The Lark from Pensilvania, and the Brown Butterfly from China, boath of their Natural Size, [plate no. unreadable & signature and date faint but plate no. 297]  

The Golden-crowned Fly-catchers, Cock and Hen, from Pensilvania, of their Natural Size, drawn from life by Geo. Edwards, plate no. 298

The Golden winged Fly-catcher from Pensilvania, and the spotted Tortoise Butterfly, from China, boath drawn from nature, of the bignes[s] of Life, by Goerge Edwards, August the 24, AD 1757, plate no. 299  

The black throated green fly-catcher and the black and white fly-catcher boath from Pensilvania. Drawn from nature of the size of Life, by George Edwards, August the 26th AD 1757, plate no. 300

The red throated Fly-catchers, Cock and Hen, from life, natural size from Pensilvania, G. Edwards Delin et Sculp, plate 301

The little blue-grey fly catchers, Cock and hen, with their nest, natural size, from Pensilvania, G. Edwards, plate 302  

Loxia the Cross-bill Male and Female drawn of their Natural Size by George Edwards AD 1757...plate 303

The White Throated Sparrow and the Yellow Butterfly, plate 304

The Manofwar-bird and the Chinese Fish &c all etched on the copperplate from life, by George Edwards July the 1st AD 1758, plate 309


Volume 3 (7), Gleanings of Natural History

Plates 311 -362

The Greater Green Maccaw [sic], Drawn from Life, the Original is the Property of Philip Carteret Webb, Esq r. F. R. S., Edwards Delin et Sculp July 1, 1760...plate 313

The Great Black Cockatoon [sic] from the East Indies, After an Original Drawing, George Edwards, Sculp October 15 AD 1761...plate 316

The Lesser Cockatoo with a yellow Crest, Drawn from life by George Edwards, January 1761, plate 317

The Grey Pye from Brasil and the black and yellow Moth from China boath drawn from nature of the size of Life by Geo Edwards...April 2nd, AD 1762...plate 318

The blue and green Daw [?] from the east Indies, Drawn from life of its natural size, by G. Edwards, 1760...plate 320

The Green-Pie from the East Indies Drawn from Nature of the size of Life, by G. Edwards, October 1, 1759...plate 321

The yellow winged Pie, and the great Locust, boath Drawn from Life of their Natural size by G. Edwards March 2, 1761...plate 322


The yellow headed Starling, from the West indies, and the Arbutus, boath drawn from Life of their natural size. G. Edwards Delin et Sculp May 15 AD 1760, plate no. 323

The Short-Tailed Pie from the E. Indies, and the Elephant-beetle from the W. Indies, boath drawn from nature of the size of life, G. Edwards Delin et Sculp, October 6 AD 1759, plate no. 324


A bird from the Island of Ceylong, Drawn from nature of the size of life, by Geo. Edwards, April 4 1760, Vid Knox's Hist: of Ceylon in the East Indies, London, 1681, Page 27, plate no. 325


The swallow-tayled Roller,  from the Island of Ceilon in the East Indies, Drawn from life by George Edwards, October 1, 1761, plate 327

The Guina Guainumbis of Maregrave; see his history of Brasil, Pa. 193, Drawn from life by G. E., plate no. 328


The yellow breasted Toucan Drawn in its natural Colours from the living Bird in London, by G. Edwards AD 1759, plate no. 329  


The green toucan or bill-bird, Drawn and Etched from Life by George Edwards, July the 6th 1759, plate no. 330


The Curuchi [?] of Maregrave Drawn and Etched from life by G. Edwards June the 15 AD 1759, plate no. 331

The Red Chested Woodpecker from Surinam Drawn from life of its natural bigness on the Coronation  Day of George and Charlotte September 22, 1761, G. Edwards Delin et Sculp, plate no. 332


The spotted Woodpecker, and the Libellula fly, Drawn from life of their natural size, Mar. 9, 1761, plate no. 333  


The Jacamaciri of Maregrave, see Willoughby Pa. 139, tab. 22. Drawn from nature of the size of life, G. Edwards Delin & Sculpt, September 28, 1761, plate no. 334

The spotted Kings fisher [sic] from the West Indies, &c., drawn from Life of their natural size by G. E., Feb. 20, 1761...plate 335

The crested Kingfisher from the Island of Johanna. Drawn from nature of the size of Life by George Edwards, March 30, 1761, plate 336  

The Lesser Ibis and the Animal Plant or Plype, boath from the West Indies, Drawn from Life, Geo. Edwards Delin et Sculp September 18, 1760...plate #356.

Fig. 1 Anas Arctica the Puffin or Coulternel, Fig 2 Alca Floieri [?] The Razor-Bill or Auk, Drawn from Life by G. Edwards August 7, 1761...plate #358

Fig 1, the Off Green Hummingbird, 2, the Greater Dobchick from theLake of Geneva, 3, the round Crested Duck of Catesby, vol. 1, Pla 94 all drawn from life, G. Edwards delin & sculp March 23, 1762, plate 360