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Authenticating Audubon 1st Edition Octavo Prints
- this article explains how to examine an Audubon octavo print and determine whether it is a first or later edition print, as well as distinguish it from most copies.

Overview of the Various Audubon Print Editions
- This article highlights the salient characteristics of the various editions of J.J. Audubon's Birds of America from the originals through the modern limited edition restrikes, facsimiles and reproductions.

Audubon Print Editions (reference table)
- A quick reference table comparing basic information about the original, and reproduction/facsimile double elephant folio editions of Audubon's Birds of America

About the Amsterdam Print Edition
- A brief article about the first complete DEF facsimile edition of the Birds of America. This article explains what an Amsterdam print is, and how to authenticate one.

M. Bernard Loates Audubon Editions
- An overview of the Audubon editions published by Canadian master printer, Murphy Bernard Loates.

Buying Audubon Prints on eBay
- How to Have a GREAT experience buying Art on eBay

Collecting Strategies for Audubon Prints
- This article provides some general ideas and thoughts for novice Audubon collectors to help them initiate their own collection of original and facsimile art on virtually any budget.

Determining Condition of an Audubon Print
- This article comprises a listing and discussion about the common print defects found in vintage 19th century art, such as Audubon's.

Identifying Marks from Audubon Original & Facsimile Prints
- This article provides a visual reference for the identifying and authenticating marks to be found on original and facsimile editions of Audubon's Birds of America.

John James Audubon Biography
- A biography of John James Audubon, pioneer, naturalist, artist and businessman of the 19th century.

Matting & Framing Audubon Prints
- A Modern Guide to Archival Museum Quality Matting and Framing For Your Antique Prints, by Ron Flynn

Audubon Print Size Matters!
- An original article about the importance of image size in collecting Audubon prints.

Printmaking Technologies used by Audubon
- An original article detailing the many methods used to create and recreate the Birds of America and other fine ornithological works.

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