Why There Are Ads on This Site

As a necessity, this site features context sensitive ads, to help ensure it is self-sustaining. This minor aesthetic distraction generates a small revenue stream which allows me to maintain a free site. Advertising revenues go towards the monthly costs for domain registration, as well as hosting fees and miscellaneous expenses. By clicking on advertisers links, you indirectly support this site, at no cost to you. This allows me to provide free research and answer email on numerous topics related to John James Audubon and other ornithological artists. Otherwise, I am not compensated for my time or costs and material on this site is presented as a free service.

Hopefully, our sponsors provide quality products of interest to you. This site features only 'context sensitive' ads. These ads are targetted advertisements based on the keyword indexing of this site. Google provides (serves) these ads and I have no control over which ads are presented. However, the context sensitive nature of the ads means they should be limited to art, in general, and more specifically, natural history prints. We have adjusted our keywords to bring ads as targetted to the subject of ornithological prints, as possible. We do control placement of the ads and are sensitive to making them non-obtrusive. Again, I hope these are of interest to you, and I thank you for visiting our sponsor's web pages. We sincerely appreciate it!

While I am on the subject, let me also address print sales on this site. These also generate a small revenue stream which allows me to purchase additional art and materials for review and analysis. Generally, the purchase of artwork (funding) is the limiting factor in generating quality research. Art is purchased at retail and used for research purposes. It may take a year or more to research and produce a single article. Once research is completed, these items are re-sold, either on the website itself or, more commonly, on eBay or other auction outlet. Often, they are sold at a loss. Being in possession of works of art allows me to study them and provide authoritative documentation for the articles on this site. Research materials include journal articles, books, prints and other materials germaine to the subject articles on this site. This model provides a viable basis for research generation provided free to the site's visitors.

Feel free to write if you have any suggestions related to our advertising or print sales. All comments are welcome.


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