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Welcome to the J.J. Audubon Print Gallery, a resource for collectors of Audubon collectible prints. We are your hosts, Beth & Terry Wright. Avid bird watchers our whole lives, we naturally fell into collecting images of our favorite birds in the finest versions we could find (and afford!) Our collection comprises hundreds of Audubon bird prints from all the major facsimile editions, but mostly they are Amsterdams, because that edition was first and done so very well. Other editions may lay claim to the greatest fidelity, but the Amsterdams appear to us to recreate the entire look and feel of the Havell prints like no other edition available. We feel these images are the next best thing to owning an original Havell. If you want a snowy egret, one is not likely to obtain a Havell without tremendous expense and effort, not to mention at the opportunity cost of foregoing other prints. We also own images made by Abbeville Press, Princeton Audubon Limited, Ariel and M. Bernard Loates. Our original Audubons are limited to 1st edition Octavos and a Havell or two.

In our collecting we continued to have questions that are not answered elsewhere, or that we had to spend a lot of energy to resolve or to which we received conflicting or confusing answers. Hence, the idea for this website. It is intended to grow with time into an authoritative clearinghouse for Audubon print collecting information. In the meantime, we will keep collecting and sharing what we find with the serious amateur collecting community.

While this website is not intended to be primarily commercial, we do have a storefront. In it we make available some of our Amsterdam prints at very reasonable prices. The sale of these underwrites the cost of the website and is not really a money-making proposition or meant to seriously compete with the commercial galleries. For us, this is a hobby.....

We are members of the National Audubon Society
and the American Historical Print Collectors Society (AHPCS) ..

Thanks for visiting. We hope you enjoy the site..

Beth & Terry


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